Monday, September 27, 2010


Nature, according to me, is defined as the creation of God of all that is natural. This includes all life, the planet earth, the sun and moon and the entirety of the universe. Nature is seen in everyday life, and can be felt and experienced. It is a tangible truth, something open and free that can be seen by everyone living. Nature is in the very air we breathe, it is on the dirt and grass that we walk over every day, it is in the water we drink, it is in our blood, and it is all around us. Without nature, life would not exist. Nature, as vast and all encompassing as it is, is not able to be controlled by humans. The course of nature is controlled by the hand of God, and the wisest of man cannot begin to come up with a way to control nature. If controlling nature were in the hands of man, the life on this planet would surely die. There are an infinite number of processes and harmonies that have to be sustained in order for life to survive, and nature, as sustained by God, is what keeps life going on this planet. Nature is identifiable, and you can see nature and experience it just by looking around you at the natural aspects of the world. Watch an ant crawl across the ground and work together with thousands of other ant without argument, all working toward a common goal. Stand outside in a thunderstorm and see the magnificence and grandeur of nature in all her glory and power, uncontrollable and wild and yet with a purpose that is perfect. This is nature to me. It sustains life and is all around us and we get to experience it every day and stand by in awe at the magnificent wisdom intrinsic in all of this thing that we call nature.

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